Canelobre Caves, a hidden secret in Alicante, Spain

Canelobre Caves Busot
Caves of Canelobre in Busot Spain

Have you heard about Canelobre Caves?  But you don’t have any idea about what they are.

Would you like to visit them but do not know how you can do it?

For now, I tell you that you do not have to get wet or wear helmets and things like that, in this post I tell you everything you need to know about the caves of Canelobre.

Join us and discover Canelobre Caves 😊

Canelobre caves in Alicante

Canelobre Caves are the highest caves in Spain, a 45 meters tunnel takes you into the 70 meters Vault cavern, a space with more than 80,000 m².

Canelobre Caves are a magnificent example of a karstic period, The origin of the caves goes back to 7 million years and it’s the result of the action of the water on the limestone rock.

The temperature inside the cave it’s almost constant of 17ºC actually, it’s like a fridge, in Summertime you can get a break from the hot, in winter time you can get some warmth.

1.The most outstanding

a.La Sagrada Familia

Caves of Canelobre in Alicante

A set of stalagmites in which stands out a rocky column of more than 25 meters high, its name is attributed to the similarity with the Barcelona’s Cathedral designed by Gaudí.

 b.El Canelobre

A stalagmite in the center of the room that is more than 145,000 years old, its shape resembles a chandelier (Canelobre in Valencian), the caves must to this its name.


The discovery of this cave has been attributed to the Arabs back in 740 d.c.

When Christians conquerors on the Arabs in 1492, they thought Arabs had hidden gold inside the cave, but they only found water instead.

The cave was not opened to the public until 1963, and have become one of the major tourist spots in Alicante.

From 1936 to 1939, during the Spanish Civil War, the republicans side built the tunnel that gives access to the caves, as well as three platforms.

Polikarpov airplane
Polikarpov airplane fuente: Wikipedia

The tunnel was opened with dynamite, the expansive wave affected some stalactites and some stalagmites were buried, somehow we are lucky they haven’t destroyed all the cave.

The cave was used as a repair shop for aircraft engines and powder keg, the aircraft was the Type V Polikarpov and type VI commonly called by the Republicans “The Fly”

Because the Republicans defeated the war, they destroyed all the records, photos, any document that related them, that’s one of the reasons we don’t have any photo of that period of the Caves history.

So interesting, isn’t it?😉

Canelobre Caves, how to get there?


Canelobre Caves are located in the Sierra del Cabeçó d’Or, specifically in the municipality of Busot, approximately 2.5 km from Busot town.

The road that links the Caves from  Alicante ( 26,1 km, 31 min) and Benidorm (48,6km, 42min) is in perfect condition.

Just use this google maps link.

There aren’t any bus that goes straight to the caves, they only go to Busot.

From there you can take a taxi to the caves or walk ( remember it’s a 3km road, really steep)

The coordinates in case you use the old GPS

Latitude:38.5098047,| Length: -0.4140045

Can we visit the caves with children?

Yes, actually it’s a really nice experience for the Children, discover such a huge cave it’s an unforgettable live experience for them.

Canelobre Caves concert, the music inside a mountain

Canelobre Caves Vault
Canelobre Caves

Thanks to its enormous size and flared shape it gives perfect acoustics.

Has been used several times as a concert hall and it is difficult not to compare it with the vault of a true cathedral.

Can you imagine attending a concert in the caves, have to be awesome.

To see the next concerts You can check here

Canelobre Caves opening hours

1.Winter Time

September 1 to June 30


Closed Monday.


Tuesday to Friday from 10: 30h. 16: 50h.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10: 30h. 17: 50h.

2.Summer Time

From 1 July to 31 August and Easter

Every day of the week from 10: 30h. 19: 30h.

Easter will close at 18:30.

Saturday and Sunday after Easter open until 15.00.

Closed on San Vicente (after Easter Monday Monday), December 25 and January 1


Canelobre Caves price

Adults (from 14 years): 7 euros.

Children from 5 to 14 years old (in groups or individually): 3.50 euros.

Children under 5  years old free.

Ticket sales at the box office.

Don’t forget to visit  Busot, it’s lovely

Canelobre Caves Busot
Busot, Canelobre Caves

Busot is a typical town in Alicante, and definitely a good place where you can have a coffee or lunch in any of its restaurants.

Sites to discover:

1.The Castle of Busot

Nowadays there are only ruins of the Muslim origin castle. it was built in the XII century during the Almohad occupation of the lands of Alicante.
It is at the top of the hill, once there you can enjoy really nice views.

2.The Ethnological Museum in Busot

Canelobre caves museum
Ethnological museum Busot

The Ethnological museum contains an exquisite sample of instruments taken from all periods, cultures and corners of the world.

The collection belongs to Carlos Blanco Fadol, a musician that actually had been living in Busot for more than 25 years.

3.Mountain activities

Buso it’s a perfect place for mountain activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking.

The Cabeçó d ‘Or, is one of the most popular hiking track in Alicante.

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