You have signed up for a paragliding flight and now you are wondering what to do 🤦‍♂️. Do not worry, you’re in good hands 😊. We’ll give you some tips to make your flight unforgettable. Do not eat much before your flight. Eating a lot before your paragliding flight will make your stomach full and it will make you dizzy, so do not eat your paragliding flight much earlier🍔🌭🍕. Do not drink alcohol before your flight🍷. Being drunk or under the effect of substances is going to make your flight unpleasant, people usually get dizzy easily. If you suffer from

Have you heard about Canelobre Caves?  But you don’t have any idea about what they are. Would you like to visit them but do not know how you can do it? For now, I tell you that you do not have to get wet or wear helmets and things like that, in this post I tell you everything you need to know about the caves of Canelobre. Join us and discover Canelobre Caves 😊 Canelobre caves in Alicante Canelobre Caves are the highest caves in Spain, a 45 meters tunnel takes you into the 70 meters Vault cavern, a space with more

My wife Maria and I , decide to take an afternoon walk and see why the Santa Pola Lighthouse it’s so popular.😊   I was so curious about the lighthouse even though I have flown paragliding many times over Lighthouse. By the way, I speak spanish so sorry about my english mistakes😂   SANTA POLA LIGHTHOUSE: lighting the mediterranean sea   The Santa Pola Lighthouse is a white tower, located at the highest point of Santa Pola cape. In the same place where use to be a old watchtower from the Roman times.   The lighthouse’s lamp is 15 meters

Canelobre Caves from Benidorm with Friends Day trip to Canelobre Caves and Santa Barbara Castle from Benidorm We met Dorthe and Michael at the time , to star our day trip Day trip to Canelobre Caves from Benidorm Did not take long for my wife Maria and I to realize how lovely this cute couple who visits us from Denmark. A nice Trip The day though something cold was, very clear and felt in the environment that our first tour to the canelobre caves would be wonderful. The 45 minutes it took to get to the caves happened in a

Tips for your day trip to Algar Waterfalls       The Algar waterfalls, are at 15 km from Benidorm and 3 km from the center of Callosa d’en Sarrià, It’s one of the most visit places in Costa Blanca in summer especially for its natural beauties.   1.- Don’t forget your Sunscreen In the Algar waterfalls you can find many places to hide from the inclement summer sun in Spain. It is always a good idea to bring and use sunscreen, this will prevent sunburn on your skin. The waters of the algar river that are usually between a refreshing