Santa Pola Lighthouse, a visit you must do

Santa Pola Lighthouse
Santa Pola Lighthouse
My wife Maria and I , decide to take an afternoon walk and see why the Santa Pola Lighthouse it’s so popular.😊
I was so curious about the lighthouse even though I have flown paragliding many times over Lighthouse.
By the way, I speak spanish so sorry about my english mistakes😂

SANTA POLA LIGHTHOUSE: lighting the mediterranean sea

The Santa Pola Lighthouse is a white tower, located at the highest point of Santa Pola cape.
In the same place where use to be a old watchtower from the Roman times.
The lighthouse’s lamp is 15 meters above the base of the building, 138 meters above sea level and  about 360 meters from the shore.
The light can reaches 16 miles for fixed light and 27 for flashes in clear weather days.
“Makes you think, how important was this lighthouse in the ancient time, when there wasn’t GPS, only old fashioned sailing systems”

LIGHTHOUSE OF SANTA POLA, a place with a long history


santa pola lighthouse
Santa Pola Lighthouse

Inaugurated on January 23, 1858. Its function has been guided the ships that sail through these coasts at night, especially for the Navy ships, which for that time anchored in the bay of Santa Pola.

Dominating the bay of Alicante, Elche and the island of Tabarca.
The first lamp worked with olive oil and then followed by paraffin and petroleum steam.
Reformed in 1921 and 1924 with a new optical device mounted on a rotating mechanism, a pressure oil vapor lamp was also installed.

Electrified in 1958, it was automated in 1984



By car: (google maps link), there is a car park in front of the lighthouse
You can also park your car at the end of Av. D’Escandinàvia in Santa Pola (google maps link).
Then walk to the lighthouse (The walk itself was nice, with the Mediterranean sea on the left side).
There are many signposted showing you the way.


Santa Pola beaches
Santa Pola beaches from the air

Down in the foothills of the Lighthouse, are a group of beaches with stunning landscapes and not very visited.

The beach of L’Aljub.
You can get there from the Arenales del Sol on the north, or from the town of Santa Pola, on the south.
Located within a protected area near the impressive Cabo de Santa Pola, 144 meters high.
The beaches of L’Aljub are perfect to disconnect and get away from it all. With crystal clear waters and rocks that make them ideal places for snorkeling.
There are almost no services, but this makes its quiet bays perfect for a relaxing bath.👌


Besides to admiring the lighthouse, we can enjoy the viewpoint from the skywalk built on a section of the footbridge. On this place suspended on the cliff, you will feel like floating in the air. Standing at this point, on clear days, we will see the Tabarca island,  Alicante and its mountains: the Maigmó, the Serra Gelada of Benidorm, the Peñón de Ifach. Couples usually leave a padlock on the skywalk that symbolizes their union, looking towards the sea. (it’s very romantic).❤


Santa Pola Mountain Bike
Santa Pola Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike it’s popular around the Santa Pola Lighthouse.
Routes connect the lighthouse with Santa Pola or Gran Alacant.
All the routes are easy and signposted.
You can also get to a nearby watchtower, “Torre de Pep” or “Torre de Escaletes”, located south of “la Sierra” and from there, go down to the beaches.👍


Santa Pola Paragliding
Santa Pola Paragliding

Some days you can see the paragliders pass, soaring the sky.
Santa Pola is one of the best places in Spain to practice paragliding and the views are awesome.😊
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