We are a small company run by my wife Maria and me Juan.😊😀

Originally from Venezuela south America, we left Venezuela 5 years ago.

By then we went to New Zealand where I worked as a paragliding pilot 🪂for a year and a half.

Our stay in Queenstown, New Zealand was wonderful, it is a country with incredibly beautiful landscapes 🌄and its people are super gentle.💯

My parents are from Spain, from the region of Galicia💒, this is the main reason we have decided to live in Spain.

Galicia is a very beautiful region of Spain, green with many meadows but not very good for paragliding, it rains a lot.🌦
Some friends told me that I could get a job as a paraglider in Reus, in the region of Catalonia, it was just when we drove🚐 to Reus that we met some friends here in Alicante.

Our friends told us, “Why don’t you stay here, this is an incredible area for paragliding,🪂” that’s how we made Alicante our home.🏡

Discovering Alicante has been a wonderful adventure for us.🌈

My wife Maria is a speleology lover🌄, she loves Canelobre Caves’ secrets and stories.

I must say that we have fallen in love with the Canelobre Caves from the first moment.

Discover a vineyard 🍷🍷where they still make wines by hand🤏, in the same way for three generations.

The flavors of the Alicante region, the serrano ham, its cheeses as well as some of its typical dishes such as “La Coca” is one of those small pleasures that fill our lives.

I have been a paraglider pilot🪂 since 1996 and made my passion, my work.

Once I discovered that I liked to share the magic of paragliding with people I have not stopped.

Seeing that face of disbelief of people when we are flying like birds🐦is my greatest reward.

We like to treat our clients as friends and share our passion with them.

We would love to shave with you Alicante, the city of light.